Hand Loomed Scarf – Saffron Dunes


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Hand Loomed Scarf – Saffron Dunes

This stunning Scarf is the perfect statement accessory. Hand Loomed from 100% Cotton and featuring gorgeous hand embroidered florets and hand created pom poms that adorn the border.
Available in a selection of gorgeous colour combinations.

  • each piece is unique
  • hand loomed
  • hand embroidered floret detailing
  • hand created pom pom border
  • 100% cotton
  • ethically created
  • scarf measures 175 x 70cm

Slow ethical fashion: beautifully hand loomed printed cotton, created by talented humans, using traditional methods.

Your Hand Loomed Scarf is unique and requires extra loving care:
It is essential that delicate and handcrafted textiles be stored safely. Being a hand-crafted item, you will need to take care to preserve its beauty.

Airing & a little sunshine is the best way to freshen your hand loomed scarf.
A light steam clean is a great option for gently cleaning & sanitising.
Dry Cleaning is of course the ultimate thorough clean if & when you feel the need to.
Spot clean with a damp cloth and little gentle detergent.

Made with LOVE in India.

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