Faux Bunny Scarf – Audrey


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Faux Bunny Scarf  – Audrey

Luxuriously decadent and snuggly soft, our Faux Bunny scarf is just the thing to lighten up your Winter wardrobe. Choose your occasion, posh, casual or just for fun. Light weight and yet still snug and cuddly, this is a great conversation piece. Made from a blend of Wool and Viscose (natural fibre) to ensure it feels soft and gentle against your skin.

  • Wool / Viscose blend
  • Viscose is a natural fibre
  • Silky soft
  • Faux Bunny tails
  • Faux Fur neck
  • scarf measures 160 x 42cm

Slow ethical fashion: woven, loomed and created by talented artisans, using traditional techniques.

Your wool blend scarf is unique and requires extra loving care:
It is essential that delicate knits and natural textiles are stored carefully. Please ensure you take care to preserve its beauty. Be aware of jewellery & furniture that may snag on knits.

Airing & a little sunshine is the best way to freshen your scarf.
A light steam clean is a great option for gently cleaning & sanitising.
Spot clean with a damp cloth and a small amount of gentle detergent.
Gently hand wash if needed.

Made with LOVE in Nepal.

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