Kasmiri Cape – Canoa


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Kasmiri Cape – Canoa

Warm and cozy, this luxurious Cape will be a soft embrace to warm you up on cool days. With its effortless elegance, it will complete any outfit with style. Flowing with classic sophistication the Kasmiri Cape quite literally has you covered as the season takes a turn and the summer days make way for cooler climes. Unbelievably soft and chic, with our signature combination of comfort and beauty, you will never want to take this one off.
Our Kasmiri Capes are designed to be an easy throw on, elegantly draping every time!
A true must-have!  Available in a selection of warm winter colours
Cashmere 30% | Wool 40% | Viscose 30%

  • Relaxed fit
  • Ultra soft knit
  • Warm & Cozy
  • Elegant drape style
  • Easy fit for all sizes
  • Cashmere/Wool/Viscose Blend

Your Kasmiri Cape requires extra loving care:
It is essential that delicate knits and natural textiles are stored carefully. Please ensure you take care to preserve its beauty. Be aware of jewellery & furniture that may snag on knits.

Airing & a little sunshine is the best way to freshen your Kasmiri Cape.
Spot clean with a damp cloth and a small amount of gentle detergent.
Gently hand wash if needed..

Made with LOVE in Kashmir

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