Mala – Tree of Life Rectangular


Mala – Tree of Life Rectangular:

Our stunning Mala is handmade from Mango wood and semi-precious stones. They encourage mindfulness, holistic focus and spiritual wellbeing. Each bead is knotted in between, making it easier to move your thumb and index finger from one bead to the next.

All are complete with a Guru bead & sterling silver pendant, as well as semi-precious counter beads, defining each quarter of your Mala.

Mala beads have been used in Buddhist and Hindhu prayer ceremonies and meditation for centuries and are traditionally made with 108 beads.

Mala’s may be used for your meditation, prayer, mantra recitation, pranayama (breath work) or simply to visualize your intention. However, maybe you’re attracted to their natural beauty and Bohemian style. Either way they’re unique, encourage mindfulness and may be just what you need for that holistic focus and spiritual wellbeing.

Cherish your Mala beads, let them safely hold your personal affirmations. Also available in a range of pendants, including the popular Tree of Life in a Circular design

Purity, harmony & abundance, Jade helps reduce negative thoughts and energy.

Calming & intuitive, Amethyst bestows stability and clarity, helping with restful sleep and stress reduction.

Symbolic of wisdom, loyalty and integrity, Pearl offers protection and attracts good karma.

Revitalising, cleansing & balancing, Citrine attracts prosperity and abundance & holds the energy of the sun.

Rose Quartz:
Love, Peace and compassion. Rose Quartz reduces tension, enhances self love, self worth and inner healing

Stone of protection, Lapis helps with open honest expression, compassion and integrity.

Unconditional love, dreaming and knowing. Prehnite alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears, uncovering and healing the dis-ease that creates them.

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